Are There Any Good Ashtanga Yoga Teachers?

Are There Any Good Ashtanga Yoga Teachers?


Learning the ways of yoga is not done overnight and it is harder when done alone. Everybody who is practicing Ashtanga yoga needs a teacher or a guru who can help, assist and correct their asana or postures.  The postures may seem easy when looked at and sometimes, people manage to do the pose on the first try. But there is more to the postures than just performing it. A lot has to be considered like the breathing – inhale, exhale and holding of the breath, angles should also be considered and how long or how many breaths should be done before letting go of a position or posture.

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Imagine being on a tour for the first time without knowledge of the place a person is going to. Isn’t it more exciting when a tour guide is there to tell historical stories of the place and what exactly happened to it? This is just the same when it comes to yoga. It is not an easy journey to oneself. Having a teacher or guru will make it less hard and there is someone present to guide through the practice. An Ashtanga yoga teacher is someone who can answer the questions and give tips and advices. The question is, are there any good Ashtanga yoga teachers? In this article, you will be reading about the famous yoga teachers that founded Ashtanga yoga. They are the ones who strengthen the practice and passed it down many generations after them and that is why it is still famous today and has benefited a lot of people since the 1900’s.



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The very first person who learned about the Ashtanga yoga is Krishnamacharya. He is the one who taught Patthabi Jois and BNS Iyengar. In 1916, he went to the Himalayas to study the yoga techniques for seven and a half years with his very own guru, Sri Ramamohan Bramachari. He dedicated his life into learning and mastering the yoga techniques.  In 1933, he taught in Mysore and he is also the first one to teach Ashatanga yoga to a non-Indian who is Indra Devi. He had a lot of great students who also learned and mastered the Ashtanga yoga and he passed the scripts and advance techniques to Patthabi Jois who also dedicated his life for Ashtanga yoga and helping other people find themselves through the journey of yoga.


Patthabi Jois

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Patthabi Jois also wrote a book about Mala yoga and was published in 1962 and the English translation was published in 1999. Many people have benn fans of his books and they have learned a lot from it. Patthabi Jois died on May 18, 2009 but his teachings remained and will continue on to many more generations. He was the oldest student of Krishnamacharya.


Many yoga students have the desire to become an Ashtanga yoga teacher. It takes discipline and dedication just like what the old gurus have given and done just to master the technique. They have written books that can be a great help to those who aspiring but it is also important to learn from one of the many masters of Ashtanga yoga. All of the knowledge came from one person only. There are innovations and improvements but the techniques still remains the same and if a person has a teacher and the proper tools, he or she can become one, too. It is also vital to research about the history and benefits of Ashtanga yoga. There are a lot of Ashtanga yoga teachers today, find the one that will qualify and dedicate time, mind, body and spirit into the practice. It is not a fast and easy journey but it is going to be worth it.

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