Finding The Right Yoga Teacher For Ashtanga Yoga

Finding The Right Yoga Teacher For Ashtanga Yoga


Finding the right yoga teacher is very important because a person who is new to practicing yoga needs a lot of guidance and assistance from the right teacher. Yoga poses or asanas are very beneficial to the mind, body and spirit but if it is done without proper training or practice, it can also lead to some serious injuries. A yoga teacher is there to help train the body and mind to do certain poses properly and be able to achieve the optimum benefits. Always remember that everyone was a beginner once so do not get shy at the thought of somebody watching every move as the poses are being performed. They are there to help and allow people to learn.

ashtanga yoga teacher training

If a person is devoted and committed into learning yoga, he or she needs the right teacher for him or her. Almost all teachers are good but it is important that the teacher’s skills and techniques match the student’s ability. If the right matching is done then the process will be smooth and the student will be inspired and also committed to the practice. So the question is, how does one find the right ashtanga yoga teacher training?

This article will be talking about the four tips on how to find the right yoga teacher especially for the beginners.


Tip #1 On Finding The Right Yoga Teacher:

The first thing a person should do is to decide that he or she really wants to pursue the practice of yoga. It is not an easy journey and it is also not done in a week’s time. It will take a lot of time and effort but in the end, it is going to be worth all of that. If a person is not sure that he or she can commit then might as well not start at once. Research more on the benefits of yoga and what it can do to oneself. A famous quote says “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” This is all about finding oneself and connecting to the higher consciousness. A teacher or guru is just there to guide on how to do those things. After completely deciding, that is when a person can go look for a teacher.


Tip #2 On Finding The Right Yoga Teacher:

Check out local advertisements, websites, phone book, gyms and other wellness establishments. They usually have flyers or posters about yoga and other health stuff. Gather information of at least three to four studios or classes then see which one fits the schedule.


Tip #3 On Finding The Right Yoga Teacher:

Be sure to establish a regular schedule. Make time for yoga so time for other things can be made also. Consider everything that is done in a day like work, rest, kids (if any), meetings and other stuff. Then choose the studio or class that fits well.


Tip #4 On Finding The Right Yoga Teacher:

Contact them and inquire on what types of classes they offer. For first timers, it is advisable to take beginners’ class and not get torn in the advance classes. Make sure to ask if the classes have already started because if it did, waiting for the next schedule would be a great idea. Starting in the middle is not good. Let them also know the situation that the student is a beginner and looking for a class that will fit the schedule. Ask them also what classes they offer. There are different types of yoga classes. Some focuses on the asanas or poses, some focuses on the breathing and some focus on the restorative or relaxing. Let them explain each kind and then choose.


Some studios will let people enter a class for free just to see if they can manage that class and if the teacher will suit them. Go for this and watch closely how the teacher does his or her work and how the students are reacting to the teachings. This is the best way to find the right teacher because this is as good as experiencing it personally.

There are a lot of certified yoga teachers in many places today. They have studied and dedicated their lives in learning and acquiring knowledge from also some of the famous and veteran yoga teachers. Some of these yoga teachers even travelled miles and miles away just to master a certain breathing technique and his or her goal is to pass it down to other people who are also interested in the same thing. They have probably practiced every day and pushed themselves more and more each day to become who they are.

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