Men’s Yoga Pants and Shorts – A Practitioner’s Guide

Men’s Yoga Pants and Shorts – A Practitioner’s Guide


Men are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of Yoga practice. The only thing stopping them from attending a class, is their confusion of Yoga attire. Unsure whether they should be wearing Yoga pants or shorts, many men don’t have a clue when it comes to buying men’s yoga clothing.

Unlike standard gym clothes, Yoga clothing is specially designed to provide the greatest comfort while giving men unrestricted movement when practicing Yoga. The main types of Yoga clothing for men are Pants, Shorts and Tops.

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Men Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants come in a variety of styles, makes and colors. The most important quality to look for when decided on a pair of pants is the fit. If the pants are too tight or restrictive, not only might you feel uncomfortable with what others are look at, you will be unable to move through the Yoga poses. On the other hand, it is also important that the Yoga pants are not too loose.

Baggy pants may feel like a comfortable alternative, but they host their own set of problems. Loose pants can hide your body’s shape making it difficult for your yoga instructor to assess and correct your alignment. Legs that are too long and wide tend to flop down when practicing the inverted poses. The only solution is to choose a pair that are fitted enough to be able to effectively assess your posture, comfortable to wear, and one that does not restrict your movement.

Men Yoga Shorts

Shorts are a great alternative for beginners and for summer. If you are planning to practice a hot style of Yoga (like Bikram) or live in a warmer climate, Yoga shorts will help you to stay cool by absorbing sweat and allowing your body to breathe. Shorts are also fantastic for beginners who need correcting from the Yoga instructor. Usually when wearing shorts, your knees, legs and ankles are exposed making posture assessment very simple.

There are, of course, different types of cuts. Some finished below the knee and resemble 3/4 pants. Some even go so high up the leg that people would dispute whether they are still shorts! But the most common cuts end just above the knee. Also in the hot classes it is not uncommon to see tight shorts, which resemble bike shorts. While these may not be your cup of tea, they definitely can help beat the heat in a Bikram Class. Like Yoga pants, choose a pair that are tight enough to be comfortable but still allow complete freedom of movement.

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